Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)#

  1. What is your goal ?

Our goal is to make life of prompt engineers easy. Storing prompts in ad-hoc storage systems like local file system or cloud drives, makes retrieval very hard later. Moreover, auto-analysis of prompts before executing and post-execution ratings are great features only available with our context-aware prompt engineering platform (PEP).

  1. Is Vidura cloud free to preview ?

Yes. Vidura cloud is currently in beta and free to preview. But, we have decided to give away our open-source version, forever free for personal use. See: Vidura Community

  1. What personal data is collected in Vidura cloud ?


  1. How is my data saved in Vidura cloud ?


  1. Can I create custom categories and labels ?

Yes, as a user, you can create your own private categories, which cannot be seen by anyone. Currently, lables are common to all users, but we are working on private user labels.

  1. What if I need to create prompts for image generation AI like Midjourney ?

Vidura is designed to work with all different AI generation systems, so prompts you create can be used with any type of AI generation.